Gonzo’s Quest

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Join Gonzo on a Quest for Wins

Gonzo was a real Spanish explorer from the 1500s and he once set off on a magnificent, Spanish sailing ship to the Americas in search of El Dorado, the city of gold! This was said to be a long, lost city where the streets, the houses and the temples were all covered in gold. Not only was this city supposed to be one of the most beautiful places every to have existed but it was said to be filled with riches beyond imagination! It’s no surprise then, that Spanish explorers went off to find such a place. Only, when they arrived in South America, Gonzo had his own idea of where to look so he jumped off the ship and went off on a quest of his own. Luckily for you, NetEnt have developed this incredible game so you can join Gonzo on his quest for riches and this elusive, golden city! Hopefully he’ll know just where to look and he’ll lead you into finding the city, along with the biggest wins you’ve ever won in your life!

Symbols to Look Out For

One of the highlights of this intricately designed slot is the symbols – they are truly glorious and truly valuable! As Gonzo and yourself are on a quest for wins in South America, it makes sense that these symbols have a Mayan-sort of look to them! Each symbol looks as though it’s made of stone and has an expertly carved face in it, and the higher-paying symbols also have golden features on them! In order to see them for what they are, you will really need to see them for yourself, but we can tell you which ones are the most valuable by telling you the colours! From the least-paying symbol to the highest-paying symbol, there is: the blue symbol; the red symbol; the orange symbol; the purple stone symbol; the golden carving; the green carving and finally the blue, grey and gold symbol. In order to get a payout, you’ll want three of the same symbol to fall on one of this slot’s 20 paylines, on consecutive reels from the left to the right. There is also a Wild symbol which is a golden question mark on a stone carving, and this can substitute for all other symbols.

Why Gonzo Is So Special

Along with most other NetEnt slots, Gonzo’s Quest has some extra lucrative and special features, one of which is always active! This is the cascading feature and it’s great because it gives you free spins. If you spin a winning combination of matching symbols, those identical symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall in their place (without costing you another bet) and this will keep on happening as long as you keep on getting winning combinations! What’s more, every time you get a cascade, the multiplier will increase and your wins will be multiplied by bigger and bigger numbers! In the normal game, this can go up to x5 and in the bonus game this can go up to x15! To trigger the bonus game, which consists of 10 free spins, you’ll need to spin three or more golden free spins symbols on consecutive reels from the left. During these free spins, the multipliers will increase so you’ll be more likely to get those big wins, mega wins and super mega wins you’ve been dreaming about! At the beginning of these free spins, Gonzo will show you the way to the city of gold and you’ll both leave with all of the riches you desire.

Autoplay and Golden Coins

This is a slot game where the currency is golden coins! Everything from your balance to your bet and your wins will be calculated in coins, and the amounts will vary depending on your bet, the level of the game and your deposit amount. You can put Gonzo’s Quest into ‘autoplay’ mode too, which is great for when you want to win without effort. Just set this mode to start going and stop whenever you like! There are plenty of different options for when you want this mode to end, from win size to balance size and more.