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A R-Evolutionary Slot Game

Evolution slot game, brought to you by the masters of game development at NetEnt, is a truly revolutionary slot game. The graphics are unlike anything ever seen before in a video slot; the special features are novel and extremely lucrative and the reels spin upwards! Even if you’re not playing this game for real, you could watch the reels spin all day, simply for the graphics and the incredibly attractive design. Evolution has 5 reels and 25 paylines and, even though it might look complicated when you first load it up, it’s a great game for beginner players and also for well-seasoned players who enjoy other NetEnt slots, such as: Twin Spin and Gonzo’s Quest. Swim into the depths of the ocean where life began and watch the creatures of Evolution slot game evolve into bigger and better beings, just like your wins and your credit balance will too!

The Symbols of Evolution

The detail and the design of the symbols in Evolution are incredible and totally unparalleled. Each of the symbols is a unique creature and they look so real, they could honestly be mistaken for photographs! The symbols pay out more the more evolved the creature is, and they start from the simplest of amoebas to seriously advanced animals! The lower-paying symbols are more primitive organisms which also have their own card value from 10 through to the Ace. They’re see-through with a tinge of purple and look as though they’re just how life started out. The 10 is the ‘Primo blobulus’; the Jack is the ‘Blobulus astrum’; the Queen is the ‘Jellocus finnum’; the King is the ‘Jellocus squidae’ and the Ace is the ‘Crustacio springum’. The five high-paying symbols are much more evolved and look like strange, prehistoric-like sea creatures and mammals. In ascending order of worth, there is: the ‘Albus slugus’ a strange slug-like creature; the ‘Bestia dentum’ a lizard-like fish with huge teeth; the ‘Basilisk hairicus’ a four-legged creature with a monkey-like body and an oddly-shaped head; the ‘Basilisk pluma’ a mouse-type animal and finally the ‘Draconius rex’ a fox-meets-squirrel beast with wings! There is also a Wild symbol in this slot game, which can substitute for any other symbol in the game – increasing your chances of a win!

How to Evolve Your Credit Balance

In Evolution, like in most other slots, the aim of the game is to spin as many of the same symbol as possible! Spinning three or more identical symbols on one or more of this slot’s 25 winlines will get you a payout, as long as they fall on consecutive reels starting from the left-hand side. The biggest payouts in this game, however, come from the free spins! There is a ‘free spins’ symbol which pays out from 2 or more, wherever it lands on the reels, and if you spin three or more you’ll trigger a generous number of free spins which come with the ‘Evolution Feature’! During the free spins, whenever you land a winning combination of symbols, those winning symbols will evolve, as will all of the other identical symbols, to the next creature in the paytable! For example, if you spin three ‘Primo blobulus’ on a winline (the 10 symbol), all of the 10s in the game will evolve to the ‘Blobulus astrum’ (the Jack). Similarly, if you spin three or more ‘Bestia dentum’ creatures, all of these on the reels will evolve into the ‘Basilisk hairicus’. This not only increases your chance of wins, by eliminating symbols and thus making it more likely you’ll spin matching ones, but it also increases the size of the wins as the more evolved the creature, the bigger its payouts are! The only exception to the ‘Evolution Feature’ is that the more primitive creatures (the card value creatures) don’t evolve into the more developed creatures.

Autoplay and Coins

As is typical of a NetEnt game, everything in Evolution slot is counted in coins: wins, bets and balance. These will vary according to deposit amount, coin value and bet value – all of which you can change according to your preference. You can also put Evolution slot game into ‘autoplay’ mode when you get tired of clicking and let the reels do their own work! Autoplay is totally customisable and you can get it to stop after a certain number of spins or after wins of a certain size, amongst other options.