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The Centre of Attraction

This slot game is the centre of attraction at NetEnt! It’s one of their absolute most popular slots and it’s easy to see why once you start spinning these attractive reels! The attraction is far from fatal in this slot game, where the magnets help you attract wins! It has 5 reels and 10 paylines and comes with plenty of features, both classic and unique. Attraction is a great slot game for anyone who’s into science, and expert and beginner slots players alike. It’s easy to get to grips with but is super entertaining and lucrative to play, with its RTP (return to player) rate of 96.7%, there’s nothing more you could want in a slot game! Come and see how easy it is to attract big wins with Attraction slot game. Players who enjoy other NetEnt slots, such as Mega Fortune, are sure to love this incredible and remarkable slot game.

How to Attract the Big Wins

Everything about Attraction slot game has been expertly designed and well-thought out. When you load the game, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the wackiest laboratory ever! In the background you’ll see plenty of wires and weird machines and the symbols on the reels look like they’ve been used for all sorts of experiments! As is the case with most slot games, Attraction has plenty of symbols, some of which pay more than others. In Attraction, the symbols which pay out the least amounts of money are the card symbols, which include card values from the 10 to the Ace. Higher-paying symbols than the card values include plenty of scientific gadgets with lots of dials and meters and switches and lasers! From the lowest-paying to the highest-paying gadgets there is: the blue one, the green one, the yellow gadget, the pink gadget and the red gadget. Payouts are given when three or more matching symbols fall on the reels in a single spin! The matching symbols will need to fall on consecutive reels, from the left to the right, and will need to fall on a winline. Attraction has 5 reels and 10 paylines so there are plenty of ways to win!

The Power of the Magnet

Attraction has two special symbols and these are the two Wild symbols: the normal Wild and the Sticky Wild! The normal Wild symbol can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 during normal spins and these can substitute for any other symbol, making it more likely for you to get wins! For a normal Wild to turn into a Sticky Wild, it will need to fall on the same row or reel as the Magnet! Each spin, the Magnet will be switched on and it will magnetise one row or reel! When a normal Wild symbol falls on the magnetised row or reel, it will become a Sticky Wild and it will expand and more Wilds = more wins in this scientific slot game! The best thing about this feature is that, if a Wild symbol falls on a magnetised reel or row, the Sticky Wilds will expand and stay in place while the reels spin themselves again – giving you a free spin and an even better chance of winning!

< h2> Attractive Slot Features

Attraction is one of NetEnt’s most popular slots and, taking that into consideration, it’s no surprise that this slot has all of the classic NetEnt features, like coins and autoplay. In Attraction, wins and bets are worth coins and the amount of coins you have or you bet will depend on the coin value you select; the amount you deposit and the level at which you’re playing the game. Autoplay is great as you can set the reels to spin themselves without any effort from you! You can set it to stop autoplay after a certain number of spins; after a win of a certain size or even after your balance reaches a certain amount!